‘Maybe you just need to poop…’

Wade. Blunt, honest and supportive. And he looks great in a bow tie. 🙂

I remember calling Wade about a year into this journey when I hit a really rough patch.

I told him I had been PERFECT for weeks on end (dramatic sigh!), ate perfectly, exercised daily and I had gained weight… (whiny disbelief, verge of tears…)

Pissed off despair would be an accurate description of my emotional state.  He had seen it several times.

His job was to talk me back onto solid ground…

Wade patiently listened for a bit and then said something like;

“You’re not just doing this for today. You know that.

Your work will show up on the scale next week or the week after if you keep at it.

And maybe the weight gain is just because you need to s*&%.

And *&%$ing breathe. Just breathe Bets.”

(This is how Wade remembers the conversations as well. 🙂 )

I have the benefit of some distance, perspective and without a DOUBT, I have a certain amount of selective memory about this whole lifestyle journey I have been on.

I know that.

When I think about WHY I hung in when things got crappy (pun intended) it was largely because I had some strategies that I used to get through the rough and trying times.

I was FOCUSED on reversing type 2 diabetes.  No doubt.  That was the driving force. But sometimes you just need something smaller, something you can get your hands and mind around when you are overwhelmed with chasing down a REALLY big goal…

These strategies work most (but not all!) of the time to keep me focused and motivated on some level. I think they are worth suggesting JUST in case one of them happens to work for someone else…

1. Incentive/trade-offs. What would you do with that handful of cash that you did NOT spend on fast food?  Buy a new jacket, running shoes, go somewhere fun?! Knowing I was trading off McDonalds for Maui really worked for me…

2. Goals.  Once I signed up for my first race/event I was not going to waste the money by not being ready. Signing up for a race/event gives me something aspirational and fun to focus on. Then taking the additional step of telling some friends or the entire world of Facebook (depending on your bravery) ups the accountability factor.

3. Phone a friend.  A friend who has permission to be honest with you, who knows about your journey within the context of your life.  NOT to (just) whine and moan and complain. But for voiced perspective on WHY you’re fighting this battle. The right friend can remind you that you might just need to poop to solve all of your problems. 🙂

4. Look (briefly) to your past. Take stock of where you ARE and where you have BEEN. We typically do NOT see the subtle, daily, positive changes. Sometimes it’s the gentle, visual nudge you need to just to look at an old picture.  I look at this:

248231_10150320004126258_5696017_nHannah took this picture in an iris garden that was in full bloom and we had such a GREAT DAY! But I can clearly see all of the weight in my face. That red hooded sweater was my favorite and was a size 26/28.  I know I weighed 250ish.  I know I was on insulin, sticking myself 3 times a day. I KNEW then that my life would have to change or diabetes was going to win.  Yet I was so overwhelmed with the idea of where to start losing 100+ pounds that I was doing nothing and HOPING this would all just go away and I would wake up magically thin and fit…

Posted next to this…


And I can SEE the difference.

No guessing. No selective memory. 🙂

I know what I had to do to get to this point.

I’m having a great time, randomly ran into Hannah and Jeff in the middle of the forest while we were all enjoying an activity I never even knew existed 3 years ago.  Trail running?! Who knew?!

Before, during and after pictures remind me that even if I am not where I want to be, I have still made undeniable, positive progress.  Big or small.  Progress, is progress.

Incentives, goals, strategies, trusted friends.

I know that none of this is new. These are ALL old, time-tested tactics that work. But this is my gentle reminder to think about putting them to work for YOU. 🙂

So, please TELL me what incentives you have lined up, or the goals you have set or what a friend has done to keep you focused and positive.

I would really, truly LOVE to hear your stories!  Really!


3 thoughts on “‘Maybe you just need to poop…’

  1. I REALLY enjoy reading your posts. I thought you were pretty BEFORE you lost the weight, but now not only are you still pretty, but you look so much happier, your smile wider, and look like you are really relishing life. I recently turned my life around. For me it finally was the realization that I cannot unsee what I have seen and I cannot unlearn what I have learned. I was diagnosed with diabetes about eight years ago. I ate better and took a lot of walks. I ended up losing twenty pounds. Over the course of a year I gained it all back, plus some. I hadn’t changed. I still sat on my ass and ate pretty much whatever I wanted. Instead of eating right and moving, I decided to just take the Metformin and Lisinopril. It was just easier. This past November I was diagnosed with a fatty liver. WTF?
    Sometime last year I was in San Diego and came across a PETA magazine regarding veganism. It sparked an interest in me that has prompted me to do more research. In December I began to eat a vegan diet. It wasn’t that hard. I had been drinking almond milk over the past couple of years because I know it’s healthier and I’m not a big fan of dairy. My son doesn’t like ground beef so I started using ground turkey. I also started cooking from scratch more, a LOT more.
    Little by little, the family started coming around because they didn’t miss any of it either. Something interesting happened though. I started my next school term a few weeks ago. Friends I hadn’t seen since our class, which ended in October, noticed I had lost weight. I checked the scale just to be sure. I had lost fifteen pounds.
    Was it being vegan? Or was it the fact that I no longer craved foods I thought I could never live without, like chocolate and other sweets. I had been an addict, a junkie and my drug of choice came in the form of ice cream, candy, cookies and various other high sugar, high fat sweets. I don’t miss it now, at all.
    I don’t want to go back. I feel high. I stopped taking 800 mg. a day of Ibuprofen for the arthritis in my shoulder and back. That was over a month ago. I fit into my clothes better. The tingling I developed in my hands went away. Who would ever want to go back? I know this is only the beginning.
    I haven’t had a “slip up” since I started. It’s because I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. There’s nothing I can’t have now because now I prefer to have something better: better tasting and better for me. It is no longer I can’t. It is now I don’t want. I know I have a long way to go and this is just the beginning. I also have to start moving, I mean REALLY moving. Walking is good for me but I am capable of doing so much more.
    I wanted to thank you because you have been my number one inspiration to feel that it is possible to change your life, no matter when and where you start. Keep going, never stop and enjoy enjoy enjoy!

    Dina Garibay

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    1. Dina… Wow. First…. CONGRATS and grabbing control of your health. It’s such a personal journey. I remember thinking there were things I would/would never do. And yet when you are in the thick of the fight and winning and KNOW that good things are on the other side suddenly those would/wouldn’ts you start to do what you NEED TO DO to get healthy. I’m also vegan. Opposite you — I LOVE dairy, It HATES me. And meat is not great either…. So I eat plants. Lots of plants. 🙂 I would have told you that would NEVER have happened. But it did. And the not slipping up issue? I agree…. Once I realized how good I felt and how good an apple tasted — it was fairly easy to just make the swap. Blood sugars were good. I was moving. The scale was responding…

      The one thing you and I are both talking about — BEHAVIOR. I had to change my behavior. Mindset. Friends. Not just what I ate…. Behavior is KEY.

      I really appreciate you sharing your story Dina. I remember you from middle school as funny and sweet – and you were always nice to me! I would love for you to keep me posted. 🙂


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