Sucker for marketing…. (The Boobypack.)

I have tried just about every bra ever made. Meet my biggest mistake to date. 🙂

What’s the dumbest/most useless/funniest item I spent money on during this lifestyle journey?

This is tough. There are SO many to pick from…

I am a total SUCKER for marketing.

Fun pictures, great promises, time-saver, one-of-a-kind? I’m willing to give it a shot. I mean — what the heck! I have made some great discoveries over the years; lipsticks, shoes, stores, hotels — lots of great, fun gems uncovered because I’m a sucker for marketing.

But as you would expect, not all of my choices/investments work out… In fact a few of them REALLY didn’t work out.

And while some would argue that my biggest folly to date is probably the ‘P EZ; A Travel Urinal’… I personally think that my biggest mistake was ‘The Boobypack’.


‘The Boobypack; a fanny pack for your rack’.

But I just HAD to try it!

I am known (sadly) for using my bra as a purse. It’s a genetic thing, I’m fairly sure.

With friends, if my phone or keys go missing the common refrain, no humor injected, is ‘Bets, did you check your bra?’  Honest question.  Answer is usually…  Pat, pat, retrieve…. ‘Yes! Found it!’

So to find a bra, advertised as a sports bra, with zippered POCKETS and built with the intention of carrying stuff?!!


I had to try it. It was going to solve ALL of my problems. This is what I had been searching for!

I picked a great color.  They had friendly customer service.  Lots of promising details in pockets and support and wearability.

Then it arrived in the mail.  I pulled it out of the box.

The moment of marketing truth…

It was cute!  I loved the color.

Then I put it on and really began to investigate and test it…

The bra was made of t-shirt-like material.  It didn’t control anything, even when I was walking. Slowly. With my arms crossed.

The straps were tiny and very stretchy. NOT designed to do any real work.  It was cute. That’s it. Cute in the sports bra world isn’t really very helpful.

They had SIGNIFICANT padding in them.  I come by that quite naturally thankyouverymuch. I don’t need help.  BONUS?! Once the padding was removed the front panels became virtually see through.   That’s fun. (Not.)

The pockets are oddly shaped and didn’t hold much.

Zippers started at the BACK of the bra. To put something in the pocket near the right underarm area you had to reach your left hand alllllll the way behind your right shoulder blade and pull the zipper BACK toward your front.  I couldn’t manage the zippers by myself if the bra was on — so whatever was in the pockets was just going to have to stay there until I took the bra off.  Not helpful.

Uh… No bottom band to support and catch the girls.  So… Well… Do I need to explain more?

If I were in charge of their marketing I would be tempted to tweak a few (or ALL) of their provided details…

So?  Why didn’t I return it?  Well… Even after trying it on and assessing all of this — I was SURE it was going to hold up better than it looked.  I was sure of it.  It had pockets.  It had to work!

So I took it out for an easy run.

I had packed a back-up bra JUST IN CASE my judgement was off… I’m an optimist — with plenty of experience. 🙂

Good thing.

After about 7 miserable minutes of running ‘totally free’, I conceded defeat.  This bra was not going to work. Even with pockets. I doubled back, walking, to my car. Corrected my mistake and then went back out for a run.

Totally irritated (literally and figuratively) I left the bra on the top of the trunk of the car in the hopes that someone would steal it. Or use it as wilderness TP.  Or a bird would fly off with it.

No such luck.  I still have it.

So the Boobypack has been my top failure.

So far…

I’ll let you now how my recent investment in the ‘Undress’ works out.  ‘Change clothes in public without getting naked.’

It should be here next week. 🙂

I’m not kidding.

I told you.  I am a sucker for marketing. 🙂

(What’s the one running/fitness thing you got suckered into buying that you wish you hadn’t…?)

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4 thoughts on “Sucker for marketing…. (The Boobypack.)

  1. My Dearest Betsy,
    One of the benefits of becoming an old lady is giving advice, whether it’s asked for or not. And because we (the old ladies and I) are old, we feel our opinions are NOT opinions. Any and all advice given is to be taken as the gospel truth.
    So dear Betsy, you must never again carry your cell phone in your bra. “They” say that carrying your cell phone in your bra can cause breast cancer. I’m not sure who am”they” are, but – “they” might be correct. So Betsy dear, no more phones in the bra. Just the girls.
    Love, Susan
    (Old ladies are wordy too, part of the charm)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Susan! I am listening to you. I promise. Thank you for caring enough to say something. My sister was all over me about it as well. I checked with my doctor — who literally shrugged at me and said ‘the research absolutely does not support that.’ BUT I have officially killed a phone with boob sweat. SO for one reason or another — I will stop. For the most part. Sometimes it’s the only way to carry my phone. BUT I promise that I heard you. And deeply appreciate you and your words of wisdom. 🙂


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