Guest Blog: Wade, Boston Marathon and running happy.

He was FLYING down the hill. Smiling big time. As he should. The work paid off and he was enjoying the race.

Wade ran the Boston Marathon this past weekend.

He had a great race!

Wade ran a 2:44 marathon (world record is around 2:03ish)  with a 6:16 pace (that’s minutes per mile.).  Uh… That’s fast.  Just for the record.

Congrats to my friend on an amazing accomplishment, a race well run and more importantly a race run happy. 🙂

Run with it Wade… 🙂

Treadmills and the quest for happiness.

Betsy has an expression… “run happy”.

I can’t tell you how many signs I saw during Boston that had that expression on them… at least two (signs get a little hard to read when you are concentrating on not bouncing off the guy next to you and squinting through the rain, I’m sure there were more…)…  (I did see one from a Wellesley College girl about using her tongue…)

Anyways… I always tell Bets “I don’t run happy, I run hard”.  And that second part was especially true at Boston. I ran my legs off. But something else has occurred to me in the days since the race, and Betsy’s blog about ‘Force’ really cemented it for me.

In the lead up to, and since the race, people have asked how I trained, if it hurt (duh) and why I do it? All of the usual questions that Betsy has already outlined. Apparently we runners have a third eye on our foreheads… Do yourselves a favor and go read Born to Run by Christopher McDougall. Don’t read the reviews, just read the damn book. Then you will know why we run; to catch dinner.

One of the conversation themes has centered around the tough winter that the East coast has had, and training through it. Specifically (and this is a topic amongst both runners and non-runners), do you run inside?

NO!!! NO &$^#^#&#&&!!!!! WAY!!!!

For the record I ran ONE TIME on a dreadmill training for Boston. I never get blisters, and I got a blister. It was the most miserable five miles I have run in a long time.

So as I thought more about the race, and about Betsy’s blog on the connotations of “force(d)”, I also thought about why I submit my body to the stupidity that is a marathon. And, revelation here, it’s because running is fun and it makes me happy. Long cold snowy training runs are fun! (I don’t run on treadmills, because they suck, and it’s not fun.) I run because its enjoyable, I like it, I am happy when I run.

The exercise is a benefit, and don’t get me wrong, its an important part of the overall experience, but I wouldn’t run just for the exercise, exercise isn’t fun, its work. Running is FUN! Granted there are days where you have to embrace the suck. Hell there are weeks where you have to embrace the suck. There are days when you HAVE to go run in the cold, and the wind, and the dark, and it will not be entirely enjoyable. BUT it will beat running on a treadmill in that hot stuffy gym (treadmills are right next to Dementors in my book).

But at the end of it all, you get to run through some town, on some race, with a bunch of kids holding their hands out for a high five as you cruise (or trot, or hobble) by, and you will get to give them a high five. Their joy will give you joy. When you are at mile 22, and you are starting to hurt, you see your friends, and your mom cheering you on and you get to give them high fives (and not run into the fence) and they take awesome pictures to account for the craziness. And at mile 26.2 you will stop, and it will hurt like little else you have experienced. And you know what?! IT.IS.FUCKING.AWESOME!!!

Mile 23.5. Family and friends screaming and cheering like maniacs. 🙂  Photo Credit to Thomas Griffin.

As Betsy said in her last blog, no one is forcing her to do this, she, and I, and Hannah, and every other person who sticks with running, or swimming, or under water basket weaving does it not because someone is making them, but because they find some joy in it, however twisted that joy may be.

“Training is what makes you into the athlete.  The ‘event’ is the celebration, the party!  You have done the WORK, put in the hours and learned a lot about yourself during training. The event is where you put it all together and see it in action!” ~ Betsy Hartley

If you aren’t a runner, its OK we understand… (But we really think you should buy some running shoes and give it an honest 3 months worth of effort… you will thank us at the end).

But understand that this is our sanity, and it’s fun. If you think it sucks then don’t do it. Life is too short to be miserable.

Go find something you enjoy, and kick ass at it.

Just so long as there is a party at the end.

Run Happy, Run Hard!

5 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Wade, Boston Marathon and running happy.

  1. Congratulations, Wade! What a wonderful and motivating story! I love your blog, Betsy, and have forwarded it on to a few people who will love your inspiration, too. Thank you for sharing your struggles and victories. Your enthusiasm is contagious!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Barb! THANK YOU! And I’ll make sure Wade see this note as well. It was SO MUCH fun to watch him race! And thank you… Thank you for reading and for sharing… My whole goal with this blog was to try to share the news and story that T2 diabetes can (not always….) be reversed and that a healthy lifestyle is worth the work. 🙂 So Barb — what are you running next?! 🙂


      1. I am running (with a friend) the Eugene Marathon on Mother’s Day!! You are still my motivation, and I think of you often on my runs. I thought I would love these taper weeks, but it only makes me more nervous! haha It has been a lot of work, but I can hardly wait. It is going to be FUN!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. EXCITING!!!! So… I FINALLY had a major mental shift about tapering… What if you view it as banking/bottling. saving ENERGY you need…. And not about losing fitness or sitting idle or being lazy. (My words… My thoughts…) I’m tapering for a race and I am trying to focus my thoughts on saving every bit of energy for that epic RUN!!! TAPER HAPPY my friend. SO PROUD OF YOU! 🙂


  2. “Go find something you enjoy, then kick ass at it.” …..that just might need to find it’s way onto a sign plastered somewhere where I can see it every day.

    Congrats Wade! And Betsy – I ditto Wade’s thoughts on your blog about “force” – definitely a good post to ponder!

    Liked by 1 person

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