Snacks. (Unsexy, not-very-cool, but my favorite new lifestyle habit…)


I don’t really go anywhere without having a snack handy these days.  It’s one of the habits that keeps my new lifestyle habits cemented and in focus.

I can be relied upon to dig up at least 200 calories from the bottom of my purse, a pocket in my gym bag or the stash I keep in my desk at work.  An apple, a healthy snack bar of some sort, a small bag of nuts…

This is actually a habit I learned as a T2 diabetic.

If a low hit – and they did, often – I had to be able to help myself.

I was on a pharmacy of medications (Lantus, Byetta, Metformin) and there was no real way to predict when a low would hit. I always had something glucose based (juice box, glucose tabs, candy) ready to go… This ‘snack carrying’ habit wasn’t about health – it was simply about blood glucose manipulation and management.

It only took ONE time of heading FAST into a low and NOT having glucose to help myself stop the downward spiral for ‘carrying a snack’ to become an ironclad habit.

But now?

Now I carry snacks for a totally different reason.

Maintaining my weight AND my healthy eating habits requires me to keep a certain level of commitment to making sure I have what I need and that I keep practicing the good habits.

And let’s be honest… This wasn’t and isn’t just about healthy eating.

This ‘new habit’ is also about battling a really old, profoundly strong and unhealthy habit…

Making excuses.

I was really, really good at making excuses…

To not prepare and plan ahead for those times when I am hungry, forces me to rely on others or surrounding circumstances.  For me; that became a built-in excuse for eating like ‘crap’.  License to go wild.  Permission to just eat whatever happened to be available.

It’s an EXCUSE… Not packing a snack to help myself manage my food and LIFE goals is simply a big FAT EXCUSE…  Carry a snack removes that excuse.

I used that excuse ALL the time. At one point in my life I was flying weekly for work.  I saw every trip to the airport and every day spent away from home on a business trip as an excuse to eat whatever I wanted; this was an adventure and a ‘special occasion’ after all!  Weekly… I traveled weekly.  Did you catch that part? (No wonder I weighed 392 pounds…)

So now, NOW, I pack snacks.

It’s a cross between a hobby, an obsession and self-defense.

I take it very seriously.

I don’t want to lose my foothold in and passion for this new healthy lifestyle.

It’s a pretty simple and easy trick.  Decidedly unsexy. Boring.  But it works for me.

A healthy snack within arms reach removes excuses. It keeps me in control. It helps me stay focused daily on my food, weight, lifestyle goals.

What’s your favorite easy/healthy snack to tote along?! 

9 thoughts on “Snacks. (Unsexy, not-very-cool, but my favorite new lifestyle habit…)

  1. My fave is almonds….my guilty pleasure is smoked almonds or Baked BBQ Lays….aka salty goodness. 🙂 I also keep Odwalla juices in a mini fridge at my office. Looking forward to seeing what others use. 🙂

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    1. Almonds. Apples. 🙂 I love salt too. I have recently discovered that you can cube up an apple and kind of coat it in coarse salt and cinnamon…. Yum. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Darc. Safe travels to you this week. 🙂


  2. I’m generally guilty of carrying way more snacks than I need. Favorites are fruit, carrots, cereal, and nuts. Depending on the day, I’ll grab things with more protein such as hard-boiled eggs or cooked lentils, garbanzos, etc. This last one always raises a few eyebrows. 🙂


  3. You are the “bomb”. I try to use the new “young persons lingo” but I usually mess it up. It is wonderful and exciting to read about a real story from a person who “gets it!” You have definitely found the light coming out of the tunnel and you are already a success story regardless of how much more you accomplish. You are now following patterns that IMPROVE the quality of life instead of patterns that attempt to PREVENT further damage. I hope people read your story because it is an important one. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. The journey continues….

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